Quick look at: RV-126 and RV-127

RV Diamond Scriber

Precision diamond scriber for manual scribing with 8"-Ø, vacuum, chuck, fine adjustable in X-and Ø- digital gauge for X resolution 10µm, cross hair microscope lined up with the scribe trace to use it as a reference for further scribes. max. scribe length 220 mm, max. X travel 190 mm.

This reliable Diamond Scriber performs fast, easy and precise scribing and cutting of silicon wafers, as well as thin and thick film ceramic and glass substraits. It forms the grooves necessary for effective glass or ceramic cutting: shallow, even and continuous. All essential operating parameters - the angle of the scribing tool, th escribing force, the touchdown point and the lift up point of the tool are precisely adjustable to ensure optimal felxibility and repeatable results.

For fast and easy scribing of ceramics, glass, silicon, GaAs, InP and many more


Facts RV-126 and RV-127

Technical information and figures

Technical Data RV-126

Max. Cutting length/width:     

200mm / 100mm



360 x 260 x 100mm

Technical Data RV-127

Max. Cutting length/width:     

400mm / 100mm



450 x 260 x 100mm


Features RV-126 and RV-127


Fast and easy operation

No maintenance

Multipurpose tool with 4 cutting edges

Adjustable scribing force

Adjustable substrate thickness

Precise step and repeat via mechanical stopper on ruler

Alcohol lubrication

  • For longer diamond tool lifetime

  • Enhances cleaving by capillary effect

Common Applications RV-126 and RV-127








Options RV-126 and RV-127

Additional values

Mechanical stop with angular adjustment