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Quick look at: SRO-714/SRO-716


With its Single Cold Wall Process Chamber approach ATV is setting the benchmark in both the R&D and Pilot Line Production markets. Here our highly successful SRO-714 and SRO-716 series IR vacuum reflow oven marks the heart of ATV’s reflow soldering ovens and proves ready for any and all of your process requirements. 


The Solder Reflow Ovens SRO-714 and  SRO-716 offer the perfect tool for reflow soldering applications, rapid thermal annealing and brazing capabilities. Moreover the direct IR lamp heating technology will provide you with a maximum heated surface of 314 mm². With its outstanding process stability and repeatability this tool is found in almost every major R&D center and pilot line production. In order to achieve void free and prefect solder joints ATV applies all of its know-how in cold wall technology, IR heating, vacuum assembly and formic acid.


Due to its high clearance above the heated surface the system allows for easy handling of IGBT and power electronics packages while the large heated area of both the SRO-714 (217x230mm) and the SRO-716 (314x314mm) offers excellent flexibility. As a result the SRO-714 and SRO-716 can be utilized in every conceivable semiconductor and MEMS application – whether using flux, fluxless or solder paste for your reflow process. When working with the SRO-714 or SRO-716 our 100-Step-Recipe will make programming easy and guarantee superb process results. 


Just imagine creating a fluxless process via a formic acid enriched atmosphere and receiving perfect void free soldering results – again and again. Due to its very low nitrogen consumption both the SRO-714 and SRO-716 are prepared for the latest generation of flux-based solder pastes which depend on low oxygen content during the process run.


Facts SRO-714/SRO-716

Technical information and figures

Technical Data SRO-714/SRO-716


1200 x 760 x 1770mm  (LxWxH)



240kg. (options dependent)

Chamber Height: 

up-to 100mm

Heated Area:    

SRO-714              230 x 217mm

SRO-716              314 x 314mm

Chamber Lid Open/Closing:    


Heating Method:   

SRO-714 IR         (8pcs. Lamp Array)

SRO-716 IR         (12pcs. Lamp Array)

Heating Zones:

SRO-714              2

SRO-716              3

Power connection:    

3Ph.-N-PE 230/400V 50/60Hz


SRO-714              6,5kW

SRO-716              17kW

Common Applications SRO-714/SRO-716



Power Semiconductors

Sensors/IR Bolometer Detector

MEMS Devices

DIE Attachment

High Power LED

Hybrid Assembly

Flip Chip

Package Sealing


Transient liquid phase soldering/bonding

Ag sintering

Thermo compression bonding

CPV, Laser bar

Features SRO-714/SRO-716


Flux-less, Solder Paste and Flux


Direct IR Heating

Surface touch TC

Multiple TC monitoring

Exchangeable Ceramic Heater Plate

Process temperature 450°C up to 750°C

Temperature ramp-up rate 3,5K/s

Temperature cool-down rate 2K/s

Rapid single wafer processing < 20K/s

Oxygen = N2 supply quality

HELIUM leak rate 5 x 10¯9 mbar l/s

100 steps/programm


Options SRO-714/SRO-716

Additional values

Spring pin array (in chamber lid)

Custom tailored substrate fixture

Flux management

Flux and solder paste

300 kPa

Top heater:

– Up to 1000°C

– Rapid single wafer processing < 50°C/sec.

Lift pins 

Formic acid enriched atmosphere

Diaphragm/Scroll/turbo pump < 5 x 10¯6 mbar

H2 and N2H2 safety feature

Gas plasma atmosphere

H2O / O2 analyzing

RGA/Mass spectrometer

Integration into glove box 

Process development


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