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Quick look at: PEO-604


Since 1982 ATV is manufacturing the multipurpose fast ramping furnaces PEOs series with single quartz tube. It was initially developed for thick film paste firing. Since that a large variety of new and different processes and applications was and is still being added. ATV applies its PEO (PEO-603 and PEO-604- now replaced by PEO-603/4) series successfully also in semiconductor market segment. 


The PEO series (PEO-603 is replaced by PEO-604) is ideal tool for R&D purposes and pilot line production tool. It can be applied easily for new unique and sophisticated process development as well low to medium volume production applications. This multipurpose furnace has several key aspects integrated and can handle wafers up to 200mm.


Next to floor space saving advantages the PEO (PEO-603 and PEO-604- now replaced by PEO-603/4) also has Zero energy usage in ambient stand-by. Another unique aspect of the system is the multi process capability when using our easy exchangeable Liners.

To reach the optimal temperature uniformity ATV uses 14 Kanthal heating elements which are positioned around, at the front and on back side the process tube and are PID controlled.


Facts PEO-604

Technical information and figures

Technical Data PEO-604


1.780 x 834 x 2.345 mm (LxWxH)



475 kg (minimum configuration)

Inner Quartz tube: 

230 mm (9”)

Standard Product Temperature:    

1.000°C/1.100°C continuously

Flat Zone:    

25 wafers/50 wafers half pitch

Power connection:    

3 Phases, 230 VAC, 32 A, 21 kW, 50 Hz, TN-C-S System, others on request

Features PEO-604

Floor space saving by small foot print

Energy saving by zero energy consumption at ambient standby

Max 100 wafer/process run 

Up to 200mm dia wafers (150mm for LPCVD processes)

Multiple processes by easily exchangeable quartz In Liners

Easily exchangeable quartz In Liners

Temperature Ramping:

  • Up to 1.000°C  within 25 minutes (empty chamber)

  • Down to < 100°C in less than 60 minutes

  • 1K per 100 minutes (slowest ramping speed up/down)

Max.1.000°C continuous processing

Max.1.100°C with high temperature option

Temperature range 250°C to 1000°C (1100°C with high tempearture option)

Temperature range  250°C to 1.100°C  

Low temperature processing with gas preheating

Ultimate vacuum < 5 x 10-6 mbar

He leak rate: < 5 x 10-9 mbar l/s 

O2 = N2 supply quality

100 steps/program

Common Applications PEO-604



Si3N4, Poly Si

Insitu doping with toxic gases

Si Epitaxy 


Carbon Nanotubes, Si Nanowires, Graphene

Gas/Solid Source Diffusion

Wet/Dry Oxidation

Oxidation for VCSEL

SiAl/SiAu/SiMo alloying


  • Inert/noble/reactive Atmosphere

  • Hydrogen

  • High vacuum

Post Implant Annealing

Polyimide/BCB, Curing/Baking

LTCC Sintering, Thick film paste firing


Options PEO-604

Additional values

Easily exchangeable In Liners for multiple LPCVD/diffusion/ alloying/annealing processes in original process tube

H2 annealing with quartz glass process chamber surrounded by N2 atmosphere

5 heater zone turning for best possible 3 D temperature uniformity

O2/H2O monitoring

Porous SiC ceramics for LTCC sintering

Customized quartz ware

Dry pumps

Heavy duty door bell jar carrying 25 kg

DI water bubbler

DI water steamer

H2 torch

Polyimide vapor trap

Turbo pump

LPCVD vacuum pumps


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